Slow down the Clyde

22nd June 2015
About a month ago I was able to escape and spend a couple of days at a long exposure workshop on the Northumberland coast run by Lee Frost. I returned itching to put into practice everything I had learned, but once again earning a living intervened. Things have now quietened down and I have been able to start working on an idea that formed during a couple of weeks of tedious tasks.

I live on the Clyde coast and have become interested in the river and its estuary, so when work and the weather permit (the current cool, cloudy weather is ideal) I plan to try out long exposure photography along the River Clyde and around the Firth of Clyde. My only trips to the upper reaches (en route elsewhere) have coincided with bright, cloudless days when long exposures are not possible, but I have been able to photograph further downstream and into the Firth in rather more suitable weather. Some of my early attempts can be seen in the gallery "Slow down the Clyde".