I am a keen amateur photographer based on the west coast of Scotland. I bought my first DSLR in 2010, and have since tried to carry a camera with me whenever possible. I photograph mostly landscape, and some sport. I simply enjoy being outdoors with a camera.

My photographic activity is concentrated around Scotland, with occasional travel further afield when earning a living doesn't get in the way. I particularly enjoy photographing the wilder parts of Scotland, including the coast, lochs and mountains of the Far North, West and Islands. In 2013 I moved from Aberdeenshire to live overlooking the Clyde Estuary and Argyll hills, and I am exploring an unfamiliar part of Scotland. I have a long-term - probably lifelong - project to photograph lighthouses around the coast of Scotland, and the West Coast offers a number of possibilities, including two within a few miles of my home.

I am a member of Paisley Colour Photographic Club, where I learn constantly from fellow members and visiting speakers. I also owe a lot to members of Mearns Camera Club in Stonehaven, who helped me embark on my photographic journey.

Photograph: With thanks to Jean Weddell